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Jessica Burciaga was born in 1983, is one of the "rabbit" Playboy model in America. In Mexican-descent, French and amateur lesbian Irish, who owns beauty looks energetic, sexy. 

Jessica but only high 1m57 but 3 round shape back extremely "hot", as 92-63-92 (cm). Thanks to an "Hourglass" that nice people win the Miss Playboy February 2009 year and currently attracts up to 2 million fans on Instagram. 


Jessica is the guy know how boys and well clear in the relationship. The school's situation completely proportional to the beauty of heaven. To date, Jessica spent on below 10 love affair with the successful man or sports stars. Typical is the Star pitch Americans-Lance Moore, Miles Austin (dating from 2009 to 2010).
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"Bros" 1, this hot 57m ever "beat" sports star series-2

Jessica Burciaga owns sexy measurements are 92-63-92 (cm)

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In 2011, Jessica Burciaga stick project facilities do destructive third guys happy family hand basketball Kobe Bryant-one of the athletes in the world's millionaires row. The incident prompted the bombshell beauties quickly emerged that her cannon and Bryant are not related. The cause of the crash was not caused by Bryant's family. Jessica hope tv ears wireless network community the false information. She also retrieved references they don't fit right from the height problem, while she 1m57 high then Bryant high near 2 m, looks very disparity.

Service passing luxuriant groves, Jessica quickly found the guy "pilot" off poor basketball player she is 7 years old, the name Paul George. The couple began dating in late 2013 and does not seem to be the issue of age making nuisance, still very warm, salty.


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