The avy scott symptoms of "expose" or "virtual"

The addictive nature of "virtual" is increasingly becoming a problem in modern society. When a person often use the Internet to satisfy their sexual desire, it is easy to get into the "network" operational, "virtual".Nghi n depression level

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The following is a common symptom in virtual proprietary "":

These people used the "virtual" spend hours watching porn or emotional content on the internet. They always think dung, eager to see grandpa.
They are always in love every sex online. For them, this is in order to meet the requirements of the imagination.
The symptoms of "expose" "virtual" of a
Examples of image

These people are always busy in your conversation and activities of , forget time and space behavior. The influence of work and life, their family.
A "virtual" always feel angry and excited, if you cannot access the internet. For them, this is a dose of medicine, without it, they could not return to normal.

They have some attractive, in the life of a climax. They begin to compare the authenticity and the "virtual", so they do not feel satisfied.

- permanent always those in mind, they always fantasy.
These addicts "virtual" defense is always other people said they spent a lot of time on the internet. They are afraid of being caught, so they always doubt.
Has been guilty in their duty, they cannot control their virtual impulse "".

They do not hesitate to put the money to see pornographic content on the "black"".

Because spend too much time on the Internet, they always feel that away from family and friends. They also feel lonely and neglected and view network is the only friend, they are willing to share their views on the "virtual" friends through internet.

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